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Rinca and Komodo

Komodo, Rinca and Seraya Island Tours

A wonderful daily activity is a cruise either to Komodo, Rinca or Seraya Island. Seraya island is only one hour from Labuan Bajo by using a local boat while Rinca are tow hours and Komodo about four hours from the harbour of Labuan Bajo.

Komodo Island Dragon Tour

On this private tour you explore the Komodo Island part of the Komodo National Park. On a local boat you travel four hours to Komodo, hike on the Komodo trail for one to three hours and afterwards visit Pink Beach for sunbathing or snorkeling.

Rinca Island Dragon Cruise
On this private tour you explore the Rinca Island part of the Komodo National Park. On a local boat you travel about two hours to Rinca, hike on the Rinca trail for one to two hours to see the Komodo Dragons and all other wild animals. Afterwards you go to several wonderful snorkeling sites before you head back to Labuan Bajo.

Seraya Island Snorkeling Cruise
Seraya Kecil is a small picturesque island in the north of Labuan Bajo with excellent white sandy beaches. It is the ideal place to hang out on the beach or in the local restaurant. Here you are also able to snorkel and to explore the colourful underwater world in the crystal clear water.

Komodo and Rinca Islands Dragon Cruise
A very exotic, tropical experience is a two or three day liveaboard cruise on a buginese boat. During your cruise you sleep and eat on the boat while the boat stops at interesting spots. You are going to visit Komodo and Rinca, Pink Beach, Kalong and the flying foxes, Manta Point and at least Kanawa or Bidadari Island. Explore the underwater world by snorkeling!

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